When is the Economy Going to Get Better?

When is the Economy Going to Get Better?

Sure , we would all love to see the economy back to where it was before the recession, but that happening anytime soon , may or may not be in the forecast.
While Americans constantly complain about the near 10% of the people who are unemployed…the country of kenya would have the inclination  to obtain our figures as their unemployment rate is at a steady 40%.
Just what is the definition of the economy?. If you asked ten people that question, there is a possibility that 9 out of  every 10 would give you an incorrect answer. The definition of economy is “the distribution of goods and services in a geographic region.” The people who distribute those goods and services also make up the economy as well.
If you lived in a house where 90% of the people were employed and 10% were unemployed, could that household function properly ? Yes it could. The house would run smoothly if each and everyone was on the same accord. The one out of the ten would not effect the other 9 to the point to where the household could not sustain. How is it that we as Americans, can not adjust to the one out of 10% being unemployed ?
Are the states for which we live United just because they are connected to one another?
 Even though, there are many of jobs available to the unemployed, they are being turned down due to the fact that people feel over qualified for the position. For instance, truck drivers positions are constantly available when you look in the want ads but not everyone wants to become a truck driver so it keeps the unemployment rate higher.
When Is the Economy Going to Get better?During the great depression, (1933-1934)  there had been approximately 25% of the American people who had been unemployed. To add to that, there were another  25% who would take wage cuts or willing to work part time. The gross national product fell by nearly 50%. It wasnt until 1941 which is the time that the unemployment rate fell back to 10% due to commenced of  WWI.
At this point of time, we just ended a war and lets hope that the economy get better without WW3 evolving.
With that being said…we just have to adjust to the new America and not look at what we don’t have but be thankful for the things that we do have.If you really look at it, after explaining the true definition of the economy, we as Americans are not that bad off as we think.
What do you think?

How Do I Talk to My Children About Drugs

The pain which a woman experiences while giving birth to a child can sometimes be unbearable.
To see that child grow up and become addicted to drugs can also be just as painful which lead many parents to asking the question of “How Do I Talk to My Children about Drugs?”  That can very depending upon one`s situation. Take for instance one one hand you have little Johnny, a 14 year old male  who lives on MulHolland Drive in Beverly Hills.
 On the other hand , you have Tiara, a 10 year old female residing in the 3rd district on Chicago`s south side.  Little Johnny might be under pressure simply because he fears the fact that he wont make the Polo team this year and will not be invited to play their final game in Europe.
Tiara, on the other hand might be experiencing adjusting from relocating to a different neighborhood after she and her single parent mother had been previously evicted from their former residence.
Even though the two might have the desire or have already experimented with the same type of pharmaceuticals, their peer pressures would likely have come from a very diverse set of circumstances due to the fact of their different environmental up bringing.
More importantly, lets start off by saying further more, depending on several other different circumstances of the parent situation is how to determine how to talk to your children about drugs.
If you are a parent who has used drugs in the past, then you wouldn’t want to approach them in a way for which a parent who is currently using or one who has never used.
Secondly, if you are currently using, then you wouldn’t want to approach them with the same technique 
which one would who has never indulged or who once has.
Finally, if you have never used drugs before, then you would not take the same approach that one who is using or has once used. 
It is a fact that the majority of children along with teenagers are not interested in the drug lecture because they are unaware of its true dangers among other things.
What ever category you fall up under, the first thing you should try to do is build a repport with your child.
Without that, your chances are slim.
If you once used drugs yourself , then the best way would be to talk to them about your experience with drugs and its ups and downs. Don`t be afraid to let them know that ” drugs do sometimes make people feel better but it is just for the moment. When you come down off of your high, you still have to deal with reality which will be worse before getting high in the first place.
If you currently use drugs, then you should talk to them in a way for which you illustrate that you do not want to the same thing to happen to them that you are going through.
Last but not least, if you have never used drugs before then the best thing to do is try your best to explain what you know about.  Also try and get someone who has experienced drug usage to be there when you make your presentation to them.
In this situation, the worst thing you can do is to lecture your child and to brag about the fact that you have never done drugs and that you are better then them. That will only gain distrust from the child.
These and many other ways can be approaches you should take into consideration when wanting to know’ “How do I talk to my children about drugs”
Perhaps someone out there may have a simpler explanation of ways of doing so and with that being said… I am definitely open for discussion.